Leaders Are Grown    

Truly impactful leaders are grown; not born nor appointed. Leaders, especially leaders on fire for success, grow predictably through 3 stages: Emerging, Mastering and Visioning stages.

Successful leaders make a business impact, but how much and how fast? As leadership skills are learned, practiced and honed, their impact on business success grows dramatically, similar to the chart below.

We understand these phenomena at Leaders On Fire and have crafted leadership programs to nurture each stage of growth.

New to your management role or asked to lead a slightly larger group. Emerging may be your stage. We offer 12 programs to raise your business impact.


Asked to lead a much larger department or division? A good leader, but want to do better? We offer 6 programs to continue to raise your impact.

Leading an expanding group, a new division, a company or planning for the long term future of your company?
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  Client Comments

On behalf of my partners at Hazel Staffing, Inc., “Thank you.” We enjoyed your presentation very much and look forward to visiting with you again in the future.
Diane Luza, Hazel Staffing, Inc.

Thank you for your wonderful presentation. It was very beneficial to our business!”
Kellie Henry, Axis Dental

“Participants found you marvelous, outstanding, and very helpful. You helped our team realize how much we need and depend on each other. Because of that we have a greater sense of accountability to each other.”
Johnetta L. Ingram, Quality Assurance Supervisor
Excel Telecommunications, Inc.

“Pauline is a dynamic presenter who connects the audience and content with useful benefits and results.”
Tom Richardson, President, Richardson Communications

Pauline, that woman with a blowtorch. She fires us up, encourages us to change, and holds us accountable for our own professional growth and actions.
Eric Engelmann, Euclid One, Inc.

“You definitely brought us together as a team with your enthusiastic and informative exercises. We have an even better team to move our chapter into the new millennium.”
Teresa Smith, President, ASTD-Dallas

“Your leadership, enthusiasm, and professionalism – together with your effective and dynamic message – contributed to the high success of the program.”
Nancy Ann Fosbrook, Defense Investigative Service
Federal Women’s Program Manager

“Your seminar provided practical and stimulating information in support of organizational competence, while your handouts provided participants with a valuable reference tool.”
Sharon G. Bailey, Director of Training
The Center For Nonprofit Management

Pauline, your incredible leadership message was dynamite!!
We were challenged out go out and ‘be the leader’ of our own lives.
Judy Womack

Pauline has a gift for engaging an audience. As a result, I have clarified my professional and personal priorities and simplified my ability to reach my leadership goals.
Rodger Blaker, Coach

You made us all feel so good about ourselves that we were ready to work on the improvements. I call your talent "Motivational Kindness".
Karla Patterson – Video-7 Production Co.

Pauline has you jumping through burning hoops without realizing your pants are on fire.
Carroll Burgoon - Artist

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